David Charles Platz

David “Slick” Platz, 58, of Broomfield, Colorado and formerly of Dyersville, Iowa passed away Wednesday, January 9, 2019.


Visitation will be held in Broomfield, CO. from 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. on Monday, January 14, 2019 at the Nativity of Our Lord Catholic Church where a Funeral service will be held at 12:30 p.m.


Visitation services will also be held in Dyersville, Iowa, from 2 - 8 p.m. Thursday, January 17, 2019, at Kramer Funeral Home, 750 12th Ave SW.  Visitation will continue from 9 - 10 a.m. Friday, January 18th prior to funeral services. 


Mass of Christian Burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. Friday, January 18, 2019 at St. Francis Xavier Basilica, Dyersville, Iowa with burial in the church cemetery.  Rev. Dennis Conway will officiate.


David Charles “Slick” Platz born October 23, 1960 at St Francis Hospital in Waterloo, IA.

The eldest of four siblings, he grew up with his parents, Herb and Norma Platz, in a place he considered heaven on earth, Dyersville, IA.  As the saying goes in the movie “The Field of Dreams” (which is actually IN Dyersville) – “Is this heaven?” – “No, it’s Iowa”. 


David loved absolutely everything about Dyersville, and throughout his life would proudly tell anyone about it: the rolling green hills, the 8 feet of topsoil. In Iowa he became a true outdoorsman – and developed a love of hunting, fishing and exploring. 


His parents owned the Platz’s gas station, and he attended St. Francis Xavier Elementary School, where he made friends that lasted a lifetime.  And, just like almost everyone in his Iowa circle of friends, David had a nickname: His was “Slick” named so because of the way he slicked his hair when young and after the cartoon character “Tom Slick”. Even today, many people don’t know his real name.  When David was just 13, he lost his dad, Herb.


In 1979, he traveled with Kate McGuire to Aurora, CO., where their son, Josh, was born.  In Colorado, David developed a deep love for the Colorado Mountains and plains. He bought a motorcycle, which took him exploring all of Colorado, where he spent time hiking, fishing, and camping.


He also developed a love for his many teams and teammates playing; volleyball, softball, flag football, basketball … just about anything that he could play, or get people to play with him. 


His wife Jill and son Nathan came into his life in the early 1990s. He and Jill worked in the lumber and buildings materials business, a business David was involved in for almost 40 years, primarily as a skilled salesman.

A natural charmer, sales was the perfect match for David, given the way he could connect with almost anyone, melt defenses with his laughter, and turn strangers into instant friends.

He once followed a man for two miles to a gas station just to say something to him about his Iowa bumper stick. He was always looking for ways that he could connect to people … and he was very successful at it.


His family joked that David’s story-telling was “show and tell” style, since he always had something he wanted to share, and would share with anyone who was willing to listen. 


In 1998, David and Jill’s son Darin was born into the family, and when the two boys started playing elementary baseball and volleyball, David – always ready to play and teach others how to play - jumped in to coach.

During these years, David was also blessed with three grandchildren, Tyler, Jenna, and Grady.


With Jill, in the home they shared together for 23 years in Broomfield, CO, David enjoyed time with his family and their large garden where he raised bees and “manufactured soil” so he could grow Iowa sweet corn and many other vegetables.

In Broomfield, David developed rich, decades-old relationships with neighbors, who when they weren’t visiting were likely to spot him riding his John Deere tractor, or playing baseball and basketball with any and every kid who would.


David also spent many hours in his barn converted into a woodshop. His wife Jill said her husband was “mechanically-minded” and could spend hours taking apart an engine, and putting it back together again.  He relished figuring out and fixing everything.

He also had a great passion for music, and was often like an encyclopedia of music, naming the titles of obscure bands - an interest he passed along to his sons Josh and Darin, and grandson Tyler.


He was also the beloved coach of many Girls High School Volleyball teams, known not only for his skill of the game, but for his ability to offer cheer and encouragement to his young players.


Those who knew him knew David as someone who strived to live life to its fullest – he absolutely loved to play (and get other people to play with him, and “teach” them how to play), and he never stopped exploring, looking for new interests. He never stopped trying to make people smile, and to join him in loving and enjoying this life we’ve been given.


Dave is survived by his spouse, Jill, children: Joshua McGuire (Nichole) of Cedar Rapids, IA, Nathan Fischer (Sarah) of Broomfield, CO, Darin Fischer of Broomfield, CO, three grandchildren: Tyler, Jenna, Grady McGuire, mother of eldest son, Cathy McGuire, siblings: Bill (Todd) Platz of River Falls, WI, Diane (Dan) Lassiter of Pendleton, Indiana, Julie (Chad) Holt of Clive, IA, biological mother, Ruth (Zubrod) Potwin of Waterloo, IA, siblings: Craig Potwin of Waterloo, IA Stacy (Kevin) Beeghly of Conrad, IA, step-siblings: Steve (Mary) Deppe of Peosta, IA, Linda Fangmann, Pat (Joan) Deppe, Becky (Don) Maiers and Bev (Dan) Clemen all of Dyersville, IA, Sharon (Chris) Klaren of Waterloo, IA, in-laws: Susie Fischer of La Veta, CO, Brent Fischer of Winchester, VA, Boyd Fischer of Denver, CO, Ryan Fischer of Denver, CO, and numerous nieces and nephews.


He was preceded in death by his parents, Herbert Platz, Norma Platz-Deppe, step-father, Lawrence Deppe and Richard Potwin, sibling: Rusty Potwin Wolkenhauer and father-in-law, Wayne Fischer.


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